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Do You Want To Know How Much Is Revitol Scar Cream In The Philippines?


When it comes to a Southeast Asian country such as the Philippines, the top sales for the beauty industry differ from those in countries located in the western world. One of the reasons for this is skin color, many Filipina’s think that job prospects improve, and they are more beautiful if they use skin whitening cream. While in the western world, those with white skin think that having sun tanned skin makes them look better. So whitening agents are big in one country, while in another tanning products are. One beauty product that sells well in every country are those that help with scar removal.

Revitol scarSo, how much is Revitol scar cream in the Philippines? The cost can vary depending on where a person lives. For instance, it is cheaper in Manila due to the amount of competition between sellers. While in another part of the country, such as Bacolod, it will be more expensive.

In fact, as with most things in the Philippines, prices will rise the further away you get from the major cities of Manila, Davao and Cebu. This trend is not just true of the Philippines though, it happens in a lot of other countries around the world as well.

Filipina’s are well known for spending a lot of money on beauty products, but it is only in the last few years that Filipino’s have started to spend money on such items. Skin care and hair styles are now becoming important for both sexes, and the stores are having to add more stock to cater for the males hunger for these products.

scar creamLooking good is not all about the hair and face, though, in such a hot country, many people will wear shorts and T-shirts, as well as swimsuits when at the beach.

This means that they also like to look good all over, and so if they have an unsightly scar, they will do what they can to hide it. This is where scar removal creams, such as those made by Revitol, come in handy.

Scar tissue is what remains after a wound has healed. Although the creams are for external scarring only, scar tissue can form inside the body, especially in areas that have been operated on, or suffered a large injury. The bigger the injury to the skin, the more likely scar tissue is likely to form.

If the injury happens to be something that is also deep, the scarring can be raised and extremely red. This kind of scenario can be difficult to treat, even for the best creams. In some cases that type of scarring may need laser treatment, or for the unlucky few, surgery.

Scar CreamIn most cases, though, scarring is not that bad, and so removal creams can come in handy. Two types of creams exist. The cheapest are those which are nothing more than a coloring agent, and hide the scar by making it a similar color to the surrounding tissue.

However, this is only a short term solution. For the longer term, the more expensive creams are required. These ones will supply all of the minerals, vitamins and proteins that the cells require to do a good repair. The human body will always try and return the damage to the way it was, regardless of the type of injury.

human bodyOne important thing to realize is that the cream will work best when used as soon as the scar appears, and usage needs to continue for a few months.

This is because it takes a long time for the human body to give up on the repair process, so even six months after the scar appeared, the body will still be trying to fix it. Once twelve months have passed, then what remains will not be repaired by the natural process.

These creams will still work on established scars, but not as well, although this will depend on the type of scar it is, as well as the color and type of skin. Having a scar showing can be troublesome for a lot of people, but luckily these days, and thanks to the research done by the beauty industry, there are ways of improving their appearance.


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