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Best Keloid Scar Removal For African Americans

A keloid scar is a particular scar formation that is composed almost entirely of collagen. It is an overgrowth of what is called granulated tissue, and typically develops where there was once a skin injury. Keloids, when felt by the hand, feel rubbery, and also have a very shiny...


Ingredients Available In The Best Scar Reducing Creams

Many people dread scars or any other skin infections, as they are not attractive at all. Although some scars are permanent, there are creams that can help reduce the scar, and even out the skin evenly. Most of these creams are available over the counter and in pharmacies. All these creams have active ingredients that help fight the scar and other skin conditions. Discussed below are some of the ingredients that help reduce scars effectively.

1. Collagen: collagen is a compound produced naturally in the body which helps in healing wounds. Production of the same however reduces with age, hence the reason why persons who get scars over the age of 25 years live with them. Nonetheless, purchasing a cream with this active ingredient induces the recovery process, and helps replace the scarred area. Collagen induces skin cell regeneration and regrowth, thus enabling the scar to reduce and even out the skin tone.

2. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has many skin medicinal values, and is used in beauty and anti-aging creams as an active ingredient. Scars tend to dry out and crack due to lack of moisture. Aloe Vera gels and creams however hydrate the scar, and penetrate deep inside the cells, thus making the scar soft. This hydrates the cells under the scar, which also makes it possible for the skin to get rid of the dead skin within and around the scar. It is by applying this lotion for some time when you will start noticing the scar vanishes and the skin evening out.

3. Vitamins: Vitamins are essential for general skin health, and also help in skin cell regeneration and regrowth. Vitamin C is a major component in collagen production, which helps in cell regeneration and ensures skin elasticity. It is due to this reason why skin care lotions and anti-aging creams contain several vitamins to aide in general skin health, as well as healing broken skin.

4. Exfoliants: Exfoliants are essential ingredients added in in skin care lotions to help take care of horny and dry skin. It also helps remove dead skin cells from a scar. Applying a cream with exfoliants can aid in faster healing of a scar, and also reduces the scar mark effectively. If you have several marks or scars on your skin, you should look for a cream with exfoliants for faster results.

5.fruit plate and juice Anti-oxidizing agents: anti-oxidants are mostly extracted from fruits, and have a healing effect on scars and other skin infections. Anti-oxidants flush out free radicals and other harmful compounds that bring out skin infections and promote dry skin. These anti-oxidants can be absorbed directly on the skin to skin cells, thus help in the scar’s healing process.

6. Peptides: Peptides are special proteins that can be absorbed directly through the skin to aid a healing process. The good thing with these proteins is that, they quicken collagen and elastin production, which repairs the skin’s dermal layer. A lotion or cream with this ingredient is twice as effective as the one without, meaning you will see faster results from this. Peptides also help keep the skin healthy and strong to fight harmful UV rays among other external factors.

The above discussed are among the most effective ingredients responsible for reducing scars and taking care of skin conditions. Other ingredients may include lactic acid and human growth hormones. Since there are many lotions and creams in the markets today, it may be hard to differentiate the best one to use. Understanding what all these ingredients do and their benefits will however help you find an appropriate brand to use. You however need to keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water to quicken the healing process.


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