Can You Use Mederma Scar Cream While Pregnant?


Pregnancy is one of life’s greatest experiences for women. The joy of giving birth to a new life is enough to wash out all the hardships of pregnancy. The only problem is that a child may be not the only one that you will have. A common problem among thousands of mothers and future mothers around the world is stretch marks.

Stretch marks during pregnancyStretch marks form when the skin stretches too fast, especially during pregnancy. Stretch marks are permanent. The only thing that you can do to treat them is by fading them. However, you may be able to prevent stretch marks from forming. This is by using different types of scar creams and stretch mark creams.

One of today’s most famous brands is Mederma. They have products for treating scars and stretch marks. Some would wonder, “Can you use Mederma scar cream while pregnant?” It is common for drugs to affect the growth of the child during pregnancy, which is why most women have doubts. It is essential for women to know if it is safe to use Mederma scar cream and stretch mark cream during pregnancy.

How Does Mederma Scar Cream and Stretch Mark Cream Work?

Stretch marks are scars in the deep layers of the skin. They form when the skin is stretches faster than the body can heal. Because of this, the tears deep below the skin layers will heal poorly. As a result, you will have scarring that will appear as whitish or pinkish marks in the surface. This often happens during pregnancy, rapid weight gain or weight loss, bodybuilding and teenage growth spurts.

Mederma Stretch mark creamOn the other hand, if the skin has enough hydration, it will not tear during overstretching. One way to do this is by using products, such as Mederma Stretch mark cream. It makes the skin more elastic, thus being able to withstand the stretching that happens during pregnancy.

When the stretch marks are already present, the only thing that you can do is to blend the marks in the surrounding skin. Most women go through the extremes by having surgeries to remove the stretch marks.

However, there are those that want to keep it safe by using products, such as Mederma scar cream and stretch mark cream. Although it is for scars, Mederma scar cream works for stretch marks. It has the components that fade away and reduce the scar size, thus fading the stretch marks. It may take some time for both of them to show results, so you need to be patient. Some experts also suggest using creams with vitamin E to lighten your stretch marks.

Can You Use Mederma Scar Cream While Pregnant?

The growing child inside a pregnant woman is delicate. The foods and drugs that the woman takes in could affect the growth of the child. Some birth defects happen when a woman takes dangerous substances such as alcohol and prescription drugs. That is why many women ask, “Is Mederma Scar Cream safe for pregnancy?”

Mederma scar cream during pregnancyThe good news is that, you can use Mederma scar cream during pregnancy. The products from Mederma are silicone based, which means that the body will not absorb them to the blood stream. It is also safe to use both Mederma products while breastfeeding.

Following the products instructions, you’ll be able to treat your stretch marks without worrying about the safety of your child. Always double-check with your obstetrician to be certain it’s right for you, though.

It is important to note that you should only start using the product at the start of the second trimester. The first trimester of the child’s growth is the most delicate, since the vital organs are still developing in this span of time. You should also check if you are allergic to onions. If you are, then it is likely that you are allergic to Mederma products as well, which means that you should not use them.

You can use many products alongside Mederma products. You can use creams that have Vitamin E, C, and A. However, there is a type of vitamin A then you need to avoid when you are pregnant. Retin-A is a type of vitamin A that helps in bleaching the skin to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

DoctorAlthough Retin-A works, it poses a great health risk to a growing child. In addition, experts do not know on how Retin-A works with breast milk. This means that for safety, you should not use any products with Retin-A while breastfeeding.

Overall, Mederma scar cream and stretch mark cream may not work on all people. Even if they do, the best possible result that you will have is a lighter stretch mark that will only be visible with close inspection. If you want to get rid of them, you may need to speak to your doctor and ask for alternatives.

Share this information to fellow women who wonder, “Can you use Mederma scar cream while pregnant?” Spreading awareness on stretch mark treatment and prevention helps in reducing their likelihood of forming.


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