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Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help In Removing Scars?


Scarring is a problem that many people are concerned about. There is an abundance of scar creams out on the market that promise good results. Skin scars for a variety of reason. It may be from an injury, surgery, body piercings, acne, among others. Scar can also be of different types. Some are called keloid scars where the scar extends beyond the original size of the injury.

This creates a raised area of skin around the site of injury. There are hypertropic scars where the area is raised and red, but confined to the original area of injury. Contracture scars occur after healing from a burn. The skins tightens, or contracts, and this goes deeper into the muscles and nerves. Acne scars also have issues of their own that need special treatment.

Sometimes people do not really know what kind of scar they have. They try different creams and methods with the hope of removing them. The fact is, a scar really never goes away completely. However, scar treatments can reduce the appearance of the scar enough so that sometimes it is hardly visible.

Scar treatments can range from cream that you can buy over the counter at your local drugstore. If you think you need something stronger, you can visit a dermatologist to get prescription creams. Some people discover home treatments that have good results. Apple cider vinegar is one of those home treatments that many people reportedly had good results after using it for a while.

Apple cider vinegar is acid based. It is believed that the acid eats away at the scar tissue little by little until the scar tissue goes away enough so it is no longer noticeable.

Members of certain online discussion groups often talk about scars and share about the results that that they got from using certain products. One person reported that she used apple cider vinegar to reduce the scar on her earlobe from a piercing. She had a red bump around the site of the scar. She even went to her dermatologist who told her that the scar will not go away, even with laser therapy. She went home to look for scar treatment alternatives and found some discussion on apple cider vinegar. So, she went out and bought a bottle.

woman applying creamShe soaked a cotton swab with the apple cider vinegar started to apply this to her earlobe a few times a day. She would leave the cotton ball on the scar for about ten seconds. Then she would soak the other end of the cotton swab in apple cider vinegar and apply that to her earlobe for another ten seconds. She mades sure that the vinegar covered the scar really well.

She did for about five days, at which time the scar was looking very red and ugly. However, she did not stop, but continued with her application. At one point, the scar actually looked fresh again. She stopped applying the vinegar at that point and just left the scar along. A day later, the area that was scarred developed a scab again. The area was very dry. She washed the area during her shower and apply a moisturizer on the spot.

Later that day, she examined the scarred area closely. The moisturizer helped with curing the dryness of the skin. She saw that the scab was beginning to flake off.

She also noticed that the raised area of the scar tissues was greatly reduced. The area was still red, the the raised area that looked bumpy had shrunken significantly. She applied the apple cider vinegar on the rest of the scar again before she went to bed. She reported that the scar once again felt like it was fresh.

The next morning, the scarred area was very dry and scabbed over again. She washed the scabbed area during her shower and gently rubbed her ear with her fingers to remove the dead skin around it. She said that the area still looked red, but the scar was no longer visible. Only the new, healthy skin was there. She stopped using the apple cider vinegar at that point and just moisturized it with some organic oil formulated for skin. She was sold on what apple cider vinegar did for her. She said that if the scar tissue reappears, she will just apply the stuff again.

Positive testimonials like this are what people are finding online about apple cider vinegar’s effect on scars. The person who posted this was not really sure what kind of scar it was. She just reported the results.

Acne-Scar-InsetIt should be mentioned that because people have different skin types and reactions to substances, that one scar treatment that is effective for one person may not be as effective with another person. The only way to know for sure if a treatment works for you is to try it yourself and monitor the progress. If your skin reacts badly to it, stop using it and try something else.

The person who wrote about her experience said that the whole process took about a week. Of course, her scar was probably very small because it was from an ear piercing. For bigger scars, it will probably take a lot longer for any positive effects to be noticeable. Just keep this mind and be patient, and you will make that scar practically disappear.


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